ARRIVE guidelines 2.0 now available in six languages

2 days ago

To make the ARRIVE guidelines more accessible to a global audience, ARRIVE had partnered with researchers, 3Rs centres and other organisations worldwide to produce a series of translations. In addition to French and German translations, the ARRIVE guidelines are now also available in Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian.

New application forms

1 week ago

The CCD has set new rates and introduced new application forms as of January 1, 2021. License holders who wish to apply for a project permit from 1 January 2021 must use a new application form.

An animal-free neurobiological model system

2 weeks ago

Feline Lindhout, a researcher at Utrecht University’s Hoogenraad Lab, has set up and mapped a neurobiological model system using cultured cells, all without laboratory animals and with support from the 3Rs Stimulus Fund.


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